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JoAnn Dorsey-Hayden
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JoAnn has been painting since a young woman, when she began taking occasional adult education classes. She has had no formal art education, but comes from a family and heritage of artists. She began painting oils while residing in New York state and her home in Wisconsin. While living in Wisconsin, she was active in the Beaux Art Club of Neillsville, Wis. Her paintings have been in showings in Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, Marshfield, and Madison as well as in Neillsville in Wis. Her painting took a hiatus while raising a family and pursuing her career in nursing. During this time she took up photography and various crafts. She has been a Tacoma resident since 1968. The past few years she has begun working in watercolors, taking classes locally. Her works is in a wide variety of subjects but she prefers subjects relating to nature (i.e, landscapes). Many are the result of her photography taken during her travels and activities. She has entered local art shows and participated in Pacific Gallery Artists mural project on Tacoma's McKinley Avenue. Her most recent projects are murals done at the Southside Baptist Church in Tacoma. If you are interested in JoAnn's work, please Email her at , 



Geisler, Diane
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Diane is a Pacific Northwest Artist who has always enjoyed and studied the beauty and grace of goldfish and koi. She enjoys the transparency of watercolor and the way it flows and changes as it is applied to the paper. Watercolor painting is an exciting way to reflect the interaction of koi and water. Her other favorite subjects include flowers and landscapes. Diane has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Oregon State University where she studied science and education. She has many years of independent art study with Aletha Deuel, Billie Sheets and Eric Wiegardt, NWS.

For additional information, please contact Diane by phone  at (253) 840-6856, or Email at   

All paintings are done in watercolor on canvas.  Prices listed below do not include tax, shipping and handling. All paintings are painted by Diane Geisler.  All rights reserved.


Kim Shuckhart Gunns
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Also See Kim's 1957 Dodge Lancer Hubcap Project <Here >

Kim Shuckhart Gunns is an award winning member of Pacific Gallery Artists, South Hill Artists, Peninsula Art League and past Rainer Art League member residing in Tacoma, Wa. U.S.A. Her work has been shown regionally and internationally at the Yangzhou Art Museum of China. In Oct 2011 she was selected for the Landfillart.org Hubcap Project, founded by Ken Marquis, in Pa. sending a lighted(5ft x 4ft) 1957 Dodge Lancer Hubcap, mixed media project there. (It can be viewed at Landfillart.org click gallery of metal canvases, then alphabetical to name.) During this time she was awarded first place at both the Proctor Art Show, and the Peninsula Art Leagues National Show, juror Richard Mc Kinley. In Feb good fortune continued with a Best of Show at the Premier Gallery, then the artwork selected for the TJH Show had another real treat, a second showing for a month at the Tacoma Art Museum. How Fun!

In her contemporary work, Kim compels the viewer to interact by stimulating thought and interpretation using the impressionist and abstract style. For her watercolor is the media of choice but in her mixed media and collage’ works other mediums are used for textures and effects, sometimes applying her original poetry to the art. Her world of art resonates on bold color and creative imagination making one of a kind artwork.

The educational study of art, artists, and collecting art has been a lifetime passion. She is thankful for her mentors, Fred Oldfield, Tis Huberth, Stella Canfield, Teresa Saia, Gail Janes and Betty Mears. She still pursues continued art education and workshops most recently having completed the Robert Burridge Masters’ Program for the Postmodern Painter.

Her work has been purchased by area corporations, shown and sold in many galleries and accepted in over 50 juried fine art shows. Successfully heading an art auction and serving as a board member for PGA art group for 12 yrs., Kim has devoted time and art work to clubs and area charities.

What does she say about her art? ” My art is not meant to be real it’s only imagined, “The joy is in the creation, giving a visual experience for the eyes to absorb, the mind to ponder, the soul to linger and your thoughts to escape- forever- making a shared connection- with you the viewer!”
Artist Kim Shuckhart Gunns Kim signs her art with her initials KSG.

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Please visit these Tacoma area businesses for additional featured artwork:
Turner Custom Interiors, N 26th and Proctor, Tacoma, WA
Rhapsody in Bloom on 6th Avenue, Tacoma, WA


Shirley, Petersen
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Drawing and painting has always come easily for me.   Perhaps my aptitude was inherited from my mother who was very artistic and encouraged me to indulge my desires.  I was given dancing, piano, and violin lessons before I began to paint.  They were all fun but required practice every day.  Somehow when I started to paint, it didn’t seem like practice.  I was very fortunate in high school to have well -known California watercolorist, Louise McCaslin as my teacher.  She inspired my interest in painting landscapes and nature.  That interest has remained with me to this day. 

Fine Art was my major in college.  Darwin Musselman (well-known California Trompe l’oeil artist) was my art professor at Fresno State College.    Though both of these artists are now deceased, their teachings are with me always as I strive to produce ever more painterly work. 

My husband and I have traveled extensively throughout the US, Europe and the Far East.  This has given me the opportunity to paint and study with many different teachers.  The variety of cultures that we were able to experience has influenced and increased my desire to expand my artistic horizons.  I paint for my own pleasure and if my paintings bring some enjoyment to others, I am very happy.  As Gabrielle Roth once wrote…Art is not just ornamental, an enhancement of life, but a path in itself, a way out of the predictable and conventional, a map to self-discovery.


Janes, Gail
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Gail received her B.A. in Art Education from Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington. She taught in secondary schools for the Tacoma Public Schools for nine years. Gail was Curator of Education for the Tacoma Art Museum for over 10 years and was instructor and Art Specialist for the Metropolitan Park District for over 10 years as well. Gail is a working artist who prefers using acrylic paint, mixed media and collage techniques. She has exhibited and received awards in many juried shows in the Tacoma and Seattle area. Gail is a member of the Tacoma Arts and Crafts Association and Pacific Gallery Artists group.

"I like the process of manipulating colors, shapes, values and textures using collage techniques. However, my greatest pleasure is creating textures. My inspiration comes from both natural and manmade sources. I find it an exciting challenge to search for new ways to create textural surfaces, not only with paint, but with found objects; such as sand, pieces of metal, mesh, threads, porcupine quills, foil, lace nails etc."

Karrol, Jan
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To see complexity and beauty in the common place .
To touch, explore and shape materials.
To experience the challenge and awe of expression.
To connect - that is my artistic quest.

Jan's visual interests are diverse and she continues to explore personal expression and potential through the use of a variety of materials in both two and three dimensional work. The blending of materials is evident in her series of wearable artwork entitled "Peace in a Pod" using vintage buttons to express beings in relationship. These are set in a variety of carved woods and finished to enhance the aesthetic of all the materials. While themes vary, they often reflect aspects of the feminine. Pieces typically measure 11/2" x 31/2" in frames ranging from 5" x 7" - 8" x 10".

Jan received her Bachelor of Arts, Visual Arts Focus in 1997; Sculpture in Time and Place, 1996-97; Foundation of Visual Arts, 1995-96 from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. Prior to that she received her Associates in General Studies, Visual Arts Focus in 1995 from Tacoma Community College in Tacoma, Washington.

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Lemma, Tanya
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Tanya Lemma has been an elementary and middle school teacher/counselor for 24 years. She and her husband have taught in International Schools in Germany, Belgium, and Thailand. She has a B.A. Degree from Cal Poly in California, and a M.Ed. from Washington State University. Tanya’s love of art began at a very young age with encouragement from her parents. Having experimented in a variety of media, she has studied watercolor painting intensively for the last eight years and taken classes from internationally recognized artist and teacher Ron Ranson and Judy Morris, as well as regional artists Sharon Freeman, Ann Breckon, Loretta Warner, Judey Hartzell, and Rebecca Gehring. She is a member of the Pacific Gallery Artists and the Rainier League of Arts.

Tanya’s watercolors have been juried into the Puyallup Fair Fine Art Show for several years, and the Washington State History Museum Tall Ship Art Show. Her painting, “The Harbor” won honorable mention at the Puyallup Fair. Her paintings have been shown at the BronzeWorks Gallery, Border’s Books, Lakewold Gardens, Karpeles Museum, the Enumclaw Evening of Art Event, as well as several local venues. She currently resides in University Place, Washington, with her husband and twelve-year-old son, teaching elementary school, and encouraging her students to draw and paint. You may contact her at 253-460-2841 or Email her at  

McDevitt, Liz
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Liz is a realistic artist, using all mediums, though specializing in oils, charcoals and ink. Her subject matter has been/is wildlife, tugboats, portraits, and still life. Her love for art started early as a child. Art supplies and classes were not available other than school art. Her education has been ongoing, always learning and finding new challenges. Classes at Pierce College, numerous private/class instruction with "great" area artists has broaden her knowledge of arty history, drawing, sketching, design, mixed media, oils, watercolors, colored pencils and pastels. Liz has won numerous cash awards and sold her work privately. Her greatest award has been teaching children. To the many children and friends who have crossed her path, Liz says "thank you" for helping her grow! Especially to God, who showed her the way to develop her talents and gifts. If you are interested in Liz's work, you may Email  her at

Karen Petrillose
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Karen, a classically trained pianist with a bachelors degree in piano performance, has her husband to thank for her expansion into painting. As a gift he gave her a class with William Hewson of Seattle. She was hooked on watercolor from the very first session. Hand painted silk scarves are another on of her passions thanks to the inspiration of Beverly Pederson.

If you are interested in Karen's work, you can email her at

Nola Tresslar
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                                     LIVE, LOVE & CREATE”             
Nola has studied with many well-known artists (locally, nationally & internationally known) with numerous art classes & workshops in Washington, Colorado, Oregon and Florida.  She has entered over 170 shows since 1998, both nationally and internationally, with most being juried shows.   An award-winning artist, and she is also a published photographer.  She works in several mediums, Sumi, Acrylic, Mixed Media, Recycled Mixed media, Printmaking, Collage, and Zen Art©.  Nola is the creator of her Zen Artã, where she paints and/or collages backwards on plexiglas or glass.  She stains her own papers, along with collecting found and handmade papers, and acrylic paint, for this process.  Sometimes natural elements, such as pressed flowers, leaves, etc. can be incorporated into a design.  Zen Artã can be made in almost any size, and can be applied for residential and commercial art applications.
Nola is represented presently by galleries in two states, and has her artwork in private and corporate collections nationally and internationally.   She and her art have appeared on a couple television shows.  She has participated as a juror for several local art shows, and she has demonstrated her technique of “Staining Papers,” and “Framing On A Budget,” for many art organizations.  Nola has worked on public projects and many private commissions.  She can work with homeowners, designers, and architects, commercial and public entities to create something unique and beautiful for their environment
Her work appears on two web sites
http://nola.nobullart.com - www.sumi.org - www.pacificgalleryartists.org.  Her current affiliations are Puget Sound Sumi Artists, Tacoma Arts & Craft Assoc. (TACA) and Pacific Gallery Artists.  She can be contacted at NVTresslar@aol.com  
Artist Statement
Art has always been a passion of mine.  I love the many facets I can explore in the Sumi, Collage and Mixed Media areas of the Art domain.  When I am painting I try to infuse my personal energy, spirituality and inspiration into my art.  My inspiration may come from something I’ve seen, heard or felt.  Abstract paintings and collages are my favorite areas, because of my love of texture, handmade papers and found objects that can be incorporated into a piece of art.  I enjoy using Sumi ink in traditional Asian paintings and also I find it interesting to find new ways and methods to mix this ancient medium with other mediums. 

 “Life Happens!”  ---  “Suffering is Optional”……Nola V. Tresslar

Werner Dillenburger all about Werner's Art work
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Werner Dillenburger did not fully realize his talent for painting and other art forms until he retired from a lifelong career in the Fashion and Textile Industry.

 Working in Europe in the 1950’s involved fashion design and  illustration. For many years, the occasional oil or acrylic work was all that time allowed.

Watercolor had intimidated but always intrigued him. When he retired  an found himself with time to spare, he got started. Hooked would be a more accurate term!

Today his watercolor and multimedia works depict scenes from around our State and images of faraway places or whatever else catches his eye.

One of his multimedia works is part of the Pierce County Art Bank and his works have been displayed in various venues around the area.

Dillenburger is a member and President of the “Pacific Gallery Artists” and a member of  the “City of Lakewood Arts Commission”.


Pat Graham  all about Graham's Art work
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Northwest native, Pat Graham, is a multi award winning artist whose interest in the visual arts was evident from an early age. Beginning semi private lessons at the age of 9, she started to explore the many ways of artistically expressing herself. During her teen years she maximized opportunities to participate in every art class available and collaborate with other artists in creating murals for the city and stage backdrops for schools. During this time Pat entered many district and state wide art contests which earned her recognition and many awards.
She began portrait painting while in High School and had her first portrait sales before graduating. 2 years of commercial art training followed her senior year of schooling and she immersed herself in that field for many years following, though never abandoned her love of fine art.
These days private local ( and international ) collectors enjoy Pat's works and she continues to show and enter visual art competitions. She enjoys creating with the goal of painting to the best of her ability the subtle beauty she sees in the world – that gentle gaze of someone’s eyes, the transparency of a flower petal or that moment of quietude that can go so easily unnoticed. Oil, pastel, acrylic, watercolor and charcoal are her primary medium choices for creating these works.
In Pat's words, she says: “Creating is a time of experiencing oneness with the subject before me. I find it so incredibly satisfying and I want to share with others that pure bliss. What is art if it can't be shared?”

anne Doane  Anne Doane  See her Art Gallery <Here>

“The role that light plays in a landscape is my favorite painting inspiration. I hope to capture the mood and emotion that light creates in my art.”  – Anne Doane

Anne enjoys bringing each of her landscapes alive with vibrant color. A few of the subjects she paints include:  Pacific Northwest and Italian landscapes as well as still life, and florals.  She works in oils, watercolors, acrylics and mixed media.

Anne’s interest in drawing and painting began while in high school.  She went on to study fine art at the University of Puget Sound and the University of Washington.  After completing college, with a BS in Math and Minor in Art, she worked as a graphic artist in the publishing industry for many years.  Anne received awards from the Washington Publishers association and the Southeastern Advertising association for her work in advertising art.  She believes that art is a lifelong process of painting, learning, observing and experiencing life.

For the past 17 years, Anne’s art has been accepted to the Washington State Fair’s fine art competition where she has twice received an honorable mention for her paintings. She also participates in Puget Sound area art shows as a member of the Rainier League of Arts and Pacific Gallery Artists  Email Anne About her Paintings

See more of Anne’s art these websites or Google “Anne Doane Fine Art”: